Avoiding Self Sabotage by Setting Boundaries with Yourself

Setting boundaries with yourself

Setting boundaries with yourself may be one of the most important things you’ll learn. I can convince myself to not do something like a freaking pro.

Honestly, for the majority of my life, I would convince myself that I didn’t need to do something that I had promised I’d do. I’d constantly listen to that little voice in my head trying to sabotage me and then justify it!

It was exhausting and for years, I wondered why I’d set big goals and not achieve them. Turns out I wasn’t allowing myself to do it.

Today, on the podcast I’m sharing more about the idea of setting boundaries with your inner self so you can achieve the life you want.

We hear a lot about setting boundaries with others, but how are we supposed to honor those if we can’t even honor the ones we set with ourselves.

The truth is so many women struggle with this and today I’m sharing small steps you can take to honor your commitments to yourself and spend your time and energy on the things that will serve you at the highest level.

Tune in on your favorite platform and let’s get started.

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How to set boundaries with yourself

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Feb 26, 2021

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