The Truth About Making Hard Decisions

Today’s podcast is all about making hard decisions.

I’m celebrating one year of The Beautiful Climb podcast with one of the hardest episodes I’ve recorded since the first episode.

Why? Because what I’m sharing on today’s episode is something that I think about constantly…the reality and truth about making hard decisions.

When I was younger I always thought that change was exciting. 
The thought of moving to a new city. 
The thought of seeing new places. 
The thought of changing my hair. 

Thinking about change always got me excited and equally terrified.

That’s the thing about change, it’s exciting and thrilling in the beginning, but hard to initiate after the adrenaline has rubbed off.

A central theme of the podcast has always centered around the idea of making changes and hard decisions because you want more. Something inside of you is pulling you to make a change that in turn compliments the life you want to create for yourself and others.

And today we’re diving into what that really looks like, plus four truths I’ve discovered about making hard decisions in life.

Tune in on your favorite platform and let’s get started.

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Mar 12, 2021

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