You Are Worthy and It’s Time to Act Like It

Because today’s episode is about knowing you are worthy and acting like it. 

This episode was perfectly timed.

And while, I wanted to make sure you got your hands on this early in the year, when the excitement of new beginnings and goals have worn off a bit, this podcast is one you can come back to whenever you need it.

Sorry to be so blunt but the truth is most women don’t demonstrate their worth daily by asking for what they want, setting boundaries and making themselves a priority.

As women, the expectations are ridiculously high not only for how we should be caring for others but the lack of care we then must give ourselves.

I hate to break it to you but this cycle won’t stop until we say, “I’m done!” and start going for what we want and all of that starts with owning our story and living in a place of worthiness.

Because no one will hand it to us we have to demand it.

You have to know that you are worthy.

So, if you’re ready today’s episode is for you.

Tune in on your favorite platform and let’s get started.

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Feb 12, 2021

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