Episode 29: Sharing Story in Business to Build Trust

Every single day I am messaged or approached by someone who is concerned with their Brand Story.

And while understanding and framing your Brand Story in the best way IS important, it’s not the only story you should be sharing online…

…and, dare I say, it’s not even the one that’s going to build the most trust or lead to the most sales.

It’s the everyday stories you share on video, via email and on social media that make the biggest connection with your audience.

These stories make your content 22x more likely to be remembered and I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time and energy crafting content for my audience so I’d like for it to be remembered!

However, so many entrepreneurs struggle to figure out what stories to share, understand the core pieces of a great story and how to effectively write for social media.

And that’s because…

→ It doesn’t come naturally to many of us, myself included in the beginning.

→ So many people make storytelling so freaking complex when it doesn’t have to be.

But, I’ve spent the last 4 years studying, testing and getting results from sharing stories on social media.

In fact, everything I write in my business is centered around story and I’ve built a 6-figure business by sharing stories online #nojoke

So, let’s just say I know a thing or two around this whole storytelling on social media thing.

That’s why today on the podcast, I’m sharing How to Build Trust Online and Make Sales With Story.

On episode 29 of The Beautiful Climb Podcast, Michelle Knight talks Sharing Story in Business to Build Trust | Michelle Knight Co.

Sharing Story in Business to Build Trust

Tune in to Episode 29, of the podcast to hear:

  • The importance of story in branding and how to use it to break free from the algorithm and social media chains currently keeping your brand from its full potential.
  • What makes a GREAT story online and why it’s not really about you!
  • How to start integrating storytelling into your content to build a deeper connection and trust with your audience.

If you’re an online entrepreneur or marketer, I hope you’ll enjoy this episode and share it with your communities.

Don’t forget to send me a message on Instagram, I’m hanging out at @michelleknightco, with your takeaways and inspiration from today’s episode.

Until next time!


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On episode 29 of The Beautiful Climb Podcast, Michelle Knight talks Sharing Story in Business to Build Trust | Michelle Knight Co.

Oct 1, 2020

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